ZENDAYA PREGNANT is trending on twitter, so you have to be questioning.. Is the actress without a doubt pregnant?

Zendaya is NOT pregnant. A Twitter thread shared the publish of a TikTok consumer that had published a faux photograph of Zendaya sharing an ultrasound picture of a infant which brought about the rumors which you have probable heard that added you right here.

The faux caption on the picture examine, “I love you. Halfway there” including an emoticon of a crimson heart whilst tagging the actress’s boyfriend Tom Holland.

The publish fast confirmed that that they had pulled a prank on the social media users, which did no longer go down properly.

This isn’t the first time that speculations about Zendaya’s being pregnant have surfaced on the net.

A changed photo of the 25-12 months-vintage actress went viral in January 2022 as it depicted her flaunting a infant belly at a crimson-carpet event.

The rumours had been unfounded, and neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland answered to the fake information.

Tom Holland, but, expressed his preference to emerge as a father in a December 2021 interview with People mag.

“I like kids. I can’t wait to be a father – I can and will wait, but I can’t! If I’m at a wedding or a party

I’m always hanging out at the youngsters’ desk”, said the actor.

He endured, “My father has continually been a great function version for me.

That’s something I agree with I’ve picked up from him. So, I’m contemplating becoming a number one college teacher or anything along those strains.”

“If Zendaya is pregnant this is my final day on the planet”, said one person as any other posted, “Zendaya gonna be surprised as hell while she finds out she’s pregnant on Twitter.”

Another stated, “Y’all pronouncing zendaya is pregnant like I received’t simply leap off my roof rn, don’t play with me”, as one posted, “I refuse to believe Zendaya is pregnant.

I suggest, we're on Twitter. Almost every tweet on this platform has been are both lies or just claims that has no source with a loss of info; a biased rumor. I haven’t seen evidence as of this tweet.”