MLB Power Rankings: Yankees are still the clear number one, and the best mid-June team seen in a decade

The Yankees look like some other recent great squads, most of whom won it all

I took over MLB Power Rankings here at CBS in the offseason between 2011 and 2012.

away number one right now that it got me pondering if they are at this point the best team I've had in power rankings.

Let's take a look at a few very obvious ones

A lot of people remember these Giants won the World Series after winning "only" 88 games

Through June 8, the Giants were 43-21 (.672), had a 10-game lead in the NL West

It can be cruel what an early postseason exit does to the memory of a team.

By June 28, they were leading the entire NL by nine games.

Those Cubs would get them in four games in the NLDS.

After a 25-6 start, the Cubs suffered their first lull, but they had rebounded by now.

By later in the season, they were the obvious number two, and we'll get to why in a second.

Is a 17-2 start good? Then through a 28-14 record (which is also amazing, but sequencing can get teams in trouble in small samples, as we all know)

I haven't kept track of such things, but my hunch is in all my years of doing the rankings, the Dodgers have held down the number one spot most often

The 43-17 record is a 116-win pace over 162. They won the World Series.

They seemed maybe, possibly mediocre through 10 games, having gone 5-5 and having lost a series to the Orioles.

They are 19-9 against teams .500 or better.

To this point in the season, the best team I've had in the power rankings would probably be the 2016 Cubs, 2017 Astros, 2018 Red Sox or this Yankees team.

These Yankees will probably have a rough stretch. Maybe even here in the next few weeks.

More than anything, though, I'd like to now reveal the reason I went through this.

path that says you can be the best team early, stumble, and still win it all.