How USFL’s different rules impacted the league

Peter King is on vacation until July 18, and he lined up some guest writers to fill his Monday spot 

on Football Morning in America. Today’s guest is Paul Burmeister, a

play-by-play voice and studio host for NBC Sports.

Mike Pereira created a buzz for the USFL before the games even started.

The USFL head of officiating rolled out the league’s own brand of rules that

didn’t reinvent the wheel, but unapologetically put its own spin on things.

“We wanted our own tweaks to make it feel a little different,” said Pereira,

former NFL vice president of officiating and current FOX rules analyst.

THE KICKOFF “We wanted kickoff returns back in the game,” 

 Pereira said. “But how could we do it, AND make sure it’s safe?”

Pereira and his team took three measures to thread that needle.

 First, the USFL moved the kickoff back to the 25-yard line, quite a difference

from the NFL’s 35, where 60 percent of the kickoffs end in touchbacks.

Mission accomplished, as 80 percent of kickoffs were returned