Rams Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood shares remarkable story of playing in Super Bowl, Pro Bowl with broken leg

After 9 years of hiking, Jack Youngblood had subsequently 

summit of expert football. With a damaged leg, no less. 

Youngblood, who prepare a Hall of Fame career as a member of the

Los Angeles Rams from 1971-84, played thru three playoff video 

games with a damaged leg that covered his lone Super Bowl appearance.

Youngblood did not prevent there; he played in the following week's 

"Everybody asked me when we got to Hawaii, 'What the heck

are you doing here? You've were given a broken tibia,'" Youngblood 

Youngblood recalled in the course of a current interview with CBS Sports. 

"I said, 'Shut up, I'm now not going to miss this birthday party.'"

Youngblood led the NFL with 18 sacks in 1979, the year the Rams ultimately 

broke via after years of sour playoff sadness Not many humans 

figured the 'seventy nine Rams might be a lot of a force, not after a 5-6 

start and dropping starting quarterback Pat Haden for the yr with an injury.