Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara convinces manager Don Mattingly to leave him in, completes game

Alcantara threw 117 pitches recreation choosing up the win

Marlins ace Sandy Alcantara has already established that 

he is one among baseball's largest workhorses. 

We've taken note of that multiple he is even on my All-Fun team due to it. 

Yet on Wednesday night in St Louis, Alcantara matters to other level. 

To set the scene, the Marlins truly the Cardinals, 3-2, heading to the ninth inning.

Alcantara was nevertheless in the game and looked to be in line for one of 

those 8-inning entire video games in which he is taking the loss.

But Avisail Garcia hit a -run homer to provide the Marlins the lead, 4-three.

In the bottom of the body, Alcantara convey it domestic for his group.

He were given a groundout earlier than a walk and unmarried

positioned him in quite the catch 22 situation. 

Now, endure in thoughts that Alcantara was at a hundred and fifteen pitches. 

He'd allowed three runs,  earned, on seven hits.