Red Wings Veto Lucas Raymond’s World Junior Hopes

Swedish world junior coach Tomas Monten says it was the Red Wings

who halted the chance for Lucas Raymond to play for Sweden in the August world juniors.

Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond was wanting

to play for Sweden at the August IIHF World Junior Championship. 

According to Monten, it was the Red Wings

who were ultimately making the decision to keep Raymond from participating in the event. 

“I have had an ongoing dialogue with them but unfortunately Lucas

Alex will not play,” Monten told Swedish wesbite

Raymond Was Hoping To Play

Earlier this summer, prior to the announcement of the selection of the team

“If the chance comes, you always want to represent Sweden 

regardless of the environment,” Raymond told Swedish TV network SVT

Though eligible for the 2022 world junior, Raymond was not given the chance to play by the Red Wings. 

appeared in the 2020 & 2021 world junior, collecting 4-5-9 totals in 12 games.

Hard To Argue With Red Wings

Raymond is an established NHL player.

In fact, it would almost be a slap in his face to ask him to play in the IIHF world

Red Wings prospects Simon Edvinsson, William Wallinder and Theodor Niederbach will be part of the Swedish squad when the tournament is held Aug.

9-20 in Edmonton. The first atempt to hold the 2022 event in December was scuttled by a COVID-19 outbreak.