Why are ex-NFL stars Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell fighting on a YouTuber's boxing undercard?

On the soccer subject, Adrian Peterson and Le'Veon Bell have each been

 taken into consideration one of the great walking backs in the sport once

they were at the top of their sport. Now, the 2 NFL gamers are taking 

their competencies from the gird iron to... The boxing ring.

Bell and Peterson have signed a agreement to fight in 5 -minute rounds. 

The fight will simplest be an exhibition bout. First said by way of TMZ

Sports and later ESPN’s Mike Coppinger. Bell has been scheduled

to compete on a boxing card promoted by way of YouTube character Austin

McBroom and his Social Gloves promotion. McBroom instructed TMZ

that Peterson could be his opponent. Darren Haynes would also affirm the report. 

The combat is scheduled for July 30 interior Los Angeles' Crypto.Com Arena. 

The important event could be McBroom vs. AnEsonGib. Also on the cardboard 

might be Nick Young, recognized for playing with the Lakers.

 McBroom has placed on occasions in the beyond.