Jerami Grant trade grades: Pistons send forward to Trail Blazers for future first-round pick, per report

The Detroit Pistons have agreed to trade forward Jerami Grant

Most notably, the Pistons and Blazers have swapped 

second-round picks in this year's draft. The Pistons now have No.

Grant is entering the final year of his contract and was not a long-term piece for the rebuilding 

Pistons who will now forge ahead with Cade Cunningham and $43 million in cap space for free agency.

However, it's worth noting that Grant is eligible for an extension this offseason 

will be looking for a deal worth as much as $112 million over four years. 

The Jerami Grant-Detroit Pistons partnership

was never long for this world. When Grant signed his three-year,

hile the past two seasons didn't amount to much in terms of winning,

the pairing ended up being positive for both parties. 

At first glance, this seems like a low return for Grant, and it's fair to wonder if the Pistons could have gotten 

more in return from a desperate contender if they had moved him at last season's trade deadline.

In the end, the Pistons got the first rounder they were looking for -- though they won't

No one wants this to be a multi-year rebuild, though, especially with Lillard now on the wrong side of 30.

The roster is essentially a blank slate outside of Lillard and some young players,

the plan is to build a team that can compete for a playoff spot again right away. 

The first step was to go out and acquire Grant, who Lillard has been advocating for,

per Wojnarowski. Grant should be a perfect fit as a versatile forward who will