He Saw. He Believed. Now He Can Be an N.B.A. Star.

The former Duke center Mark Williams is expected to be picked at the N.B.A. draft this week.

He’s quickly learning what going pro really means.

The training drill is named after LeBron James.

Mark Williams walked into a gym tucked beside the bustling Interstate 95 in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami on a recent Thursday. 

He wrangled the shoelaces and made his way to a video room, slipping his 7-foot-2 frame through the doorway.

The LeBron James drill seemed to exhaust him. 

Standing at the baseline, he jumped, rotated the ball under his legs

Their agents scheduled workouts with teams before the draft

They often trained for the auditions of their life by joining whatever pickup games they could find.

Their Mondays and Fridays, too, are at the gym. 

They may live with one another, attending workouts, recovery sessions

Just not knowing what’s going to happen.