Breaking Down the Nets’ KD-Kyrie Irving Debacle

Where did all of it pass wrong in Brooklyn? Our experts observe why the

 movie star tandem didn’t pan out and wherein matters are headed next.

The NBA’s offseason began off with a bang with Kevin Durant requesting a trade

 from the Nets with four years nevertheless last on his deal. What happens next for

KD? Where did it move incorrect in Brooklyn? And will all and sundry change for Kyrie Irving?

Our writers weigh in. What turned into your instantaneous response upon hearing Kevin

Durant had asked a exchange? Howard Beck: That it makes zero feel. Yes, we know Durant is friends

 with Kyrie Irving. Yes, we recognize Kyrie changed into irked over his failed extension talks

with the Nets—and the Nets’ loopy insistence on him being extra

committed to the crew. But it’s truely weird to me that Durant would sever his dating

with the Nets over the Kyrie scenario, which turned into created entirely by using Kyrie.

 Maybe there are other factors. But that’s the handiest one we realize as of now.

Chris Herring: “Wow, that escalated quick!” But in reality, it likely didn’t.

This were building for awhile, with the Nets saying repeatedly that they wanted complete buy-in.