Kyrie Irving can still technically be traded, but all signs point to him playing for Nets next season

In basically technical terms, Kyrie Irving opting into the very last 12 months

and the $37 million or so that got here with the remainder of his settlement with the 

Brooklyn Nets in all likelihood makes it barely less difficult for any other team to

 acquire him. There's no more uncertainty about his reputation. There's no extra fear 

of him taking a drastic pay-cut next season both. Irving will actually be a participant

on an expiring agreement subsequent season, and gamers on expiring contracts 

are quite easy to trade.  In fact, they're a bargain less complicated to exchange than coming 

near unfastened marketers. When a team acquires a participant through a signal-and-

alternate, they trigger a tough cap at the luxurious tax apron—expected to are

available at around $155.7 million next season. Irving become reportedly inquisitive 

about six teams except the Nets for subsequent season: the Los Angeles Lakers and

Clippers, the Dallas Mavericks, the Philadelphia 76ers,

the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.  The Lakers and Clippers have already got

a lot cash at the books that navigating that difficult cap could have been almost impossible.