Astros' Tucker Tries to Steal Home Amid PitchCom Malfunction

Houston's Kyle Tucker was tossed out when he attempted to take home while New York

Yankees starter Luis Severino fiddled with his breaking down PitchCom gadget.

Alex Bregman had quite recently hit a two-run twofold to put Houston up 2-0

and Tucker was on third with two outs in the third inning.

With Yuli Gurriel at-bat, a disappointed Severino removed his cap and held the

PitchCom speaker to his ear, clearly incapable to hear directions from catcher Jose Trevino.

"It was working great and afterward it got clearly and ... it didn't work," Severino said.

Severino had the PitchCom earpiece in his right hand and needed

to rapidly move to get the baseball back in his tossing hand.

He tossed home while as yet holding his cap,

and his toss barely beat Tucker and finished the inning.

"I saw him when he was like midway, yet no one's quicker than the ball," Severino said.

Severino was gotten some information about making the toss while holding the gadget and his cap.

"I'm excellent with my hands," he said with a snicker.

Yankees director Aaron Boone went wild about the heads-up play.