US Swimmer Ress Endures Elation, Shock, Relief at World

United States swimmer Justin Ress has long past thru all of the feelings

after prevailing his first man or woman gold medal at the closing day

of racing at the arena swimming championships in Budapest.

United States swimmer Justin Ress went through all the feelings

after triumphing his first man or woman gold medal on the final day of racing

at the world swimming championships on Saturday.

As quick as he received the guys’s 50-meter backstroke final — 24.12 seconds

it seemed to him the medal become taken away just as speedy.

Ress completed -hundredths of a 2nd in the front of teammate Hunter Armstrong

but become disqualified for allegedly being submerged at the finish.

Armstrong changed into provided gold, the 17-yr-old Ksawery Masiuk of Poland

was bumped up to silver and Italy megastar Thomas Ceccon exceeded the bronze.

Armstrong — who set the arena document of 23.71 at team trials in April

wiped tears away after the medal rite.

It turned into his first person gold medal at these championships.

Meanwhile, Ress changed into still in shock, trying to comprehend why he was stripped of the gold.

Only after all of the different races have been completed did FINA

announce that the disqualification was overturned.

There became no rationalization, no words of contrition for Ress.