Julian Edelman says he is still scared of Bill Belichick, does on-point impression of Patriots head coach

Wide receiver Julian Edelman has now not performed for New England 

Patriots Bill Belichick in view that retiring at some point of the 2021

NFL offseason, however that does not suggest the intimidating.

Edelman went at the I Am Athlete podcast and mentioned the entirety from a

probable go back to the sport, to how he felt about quarterback 

Jimmy Garoppolo or even furnished an affect of his former teach.

Edelman is known for doing a quite stable influence of the enduring

 teach and even as on the podcast, he was requested over pleasant B.B. Voice.

I simply noticed him, recently. I went and visited the crew," No.

Eleven stated, then going instantly into  nonsense mode of Bill. 

"He changed into like, 'Look, if I actually have to turn at the f-- TV 

and notice you doing me each f------ day, like, what are we

f- doing here?' That's what he would say to me and I'm over here 

I'm still scared of the guy, I don't even play for him," Edelman stated, laughing.