How Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher can make a statement with a big season in 202

Thanks to Fisher, the excitement surrounding the Aggies 

has constructed to a roar in an eventful offseason in College Station

"Who is Alabama's biggest chance inside the SEC West?"

This query has been requested on almost an annual basis, and the 

solid of characters changed course Nick Saban's run at Alabama.

This year, it's in all likelihood that Texas A&M gets that

designation while assembled members of the media 

expect the outcome of the conference at SEC 

Media Days in Atlanta subsequent month. 

No, it's no longer due to the fact Aggies educate Jimbo Fisher had

an offseason struggle of words with Saban The hype for the

men from College Station, Texas, got here lengthy before that superb

 week of "talkin' season" drama. It commenced while Fisher signed a stunning 10-year, 

$seventy five million settlement program after a a success stint at Florida State.