Kevin Durant trade rumors: Ranking all 29 teams as possible destinations for the former MVP

Durant is weighing his future as Kyrie Irving continues to attempt to negotiate an extension with the Nets

The trade market for superstars tends to be fairly small. They often use their status

A true bidding war through the entire NBA for a single star is exceedingly rarer.

But that's what Kevin Durant is. On the court, he was malleable enough to join a 73-win team without missing a beat.

If you just want him to run around screens and take 3s? You bet he can do that.

If you can't fit Kevin Durant into your offense, it's your fault, not his. 

Players like that just don't frequently become available.

That might not be the case this time around. Durant signed a four-year, $192 million extension last offseason.

If he hits the open market, almost anybody could try to trade for him.

So let's take a look at his market through that lens. 

which teams are the most and least likely to land the two-time Finals MVP?

I shouldn't need to explain to you why Kevin Durant would not want to play for the Kings.

So are the Magic and Spurs, but they at least play in warm-weather cities without state income tax.

Still, these are all teams Durant simply would not be interested in joining. 

Durant probably isn't especially interested in playing for these teams either, but he's enough of a hoops junkie to at least respect the talent. 

That day just isn't today. He's 34. By the time they're ready to compete

Minnesota probably could if it managed to keep Towns and Edwards, but at that point

These teams are positioned to contend a few years from now. No need to rock the boat for Durant now.

A Durant-Rudy Gobert team isn't winning the West even if Durant would play in Utah.