Casey Close Denies He Withheld Braves’ Offer From Freddie Freeman

The agent instructed SI that there is no reality to the record tweeted

 by Doug Gottlieb and that he is thinking about prison motion

Agent Casey Close strongly denied a tweet from Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb

that he withheld from Freddie Freeman the Braves’ final settlement provide

and said he's thinking about criminal motion over the report.

In a announcement to Sports Illustrated on Wednesday night, Close said,

“There isn't any reality in any respect to what Doug Gottlieb recklessly tweeted,

and I could testify to that underneath oath.

 We are presently comparing all legal alternatives in this remember.”

In a tweet Wednesday, Gottlieb said Close “by no means told Freddie Freeman about

the Braves [sic] very last offer, this is why Freeman fired him. He determined

out in Atlanta this weekend. It isn’t that uncommon to have manifest in MLB,

 but it happened – Close knew Freddie would have taken the ATL deal.”

The Braves supplied Freeman $140 million over six years in March.