Will other lawsuits be filed against Deshaun Watson?

The settlement of 20 lawsuits pending against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson came eight days

Omitted from Tuesday’s statement issued by Buzbee regarding the settlements is the question of whether those lawsuits will be filed

Was that merely bluster in the hopes of settling cases, or was it real? Time will tell.

It’s also possible that the commencement of the settlement process (the final four cases could in theory be settled at any time)

Buzbee can’t make that commitment officially; the rules of ethics prevent lawyers 

from agreeing to restrict their future practices in order to resolve current cases.

Still, four cases remain active.

 There’s no specific reason to believe that others won’t sue.

In fact, news of the 20 settlements

could provide the impetus for others to try

to get what the 20 plaintiffs are receiving.