Report: NFL “more likely” to accept 6-8 game suspension of Deshaun Watson and not appeal

Not much news has emanated during or after the first day of the Deshaun Watson disciplinary

 hearing. One specific item of information that has emerged cries out for further analysis and interpretation.

From Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press: “I’m also told the NFL,

despite insisting on indefinite suspension, wants to avoid the appeals process

source said ‘a terrible situation for everyone involved’ —

so league is more likely to abide by Sue Robinson’s ruling IF she came back with 6-8 games.”

It’s a surprising revelation. If it’s true and accurate (and we’ll defer to

 Maaddi in that regard), the question becomes what does it mean?

For starters, why would the NFL leak this critical concession? Does it fear that,

if Judge Robinson believes the NFL is destined to seize upon an inherently rigged

appeal process, she’d be more likely to impose no discipline at all on Watson?

 After all, that’s the only way under the Collective Bargaining Agreement to prevent

any appeal, which would then be resolved by the Commissioner.

It’s hard not to wonder whether it’s all a ruse aimed at getting her to impose some discipline,