Leclerc calls Canadian GP 'super-frustrating' despite recovering from back row to P5

Charles Leclerc did a fine rescue job on his Canadian Grand Prix weekend, bringing his Ferrari F1-75 from 19th on the grid up to P5.

But despite Ferrari trimming Leclerc’s wing to aid straight-line speed

before spending Laps 21-40 trying and failing to pass Esteban Ocon’s Alpine.

A slow pit stop, which dropped him behind a squabbling pack of midfielders he’d already passed once

“The last part was nice but obviously the very first part I was stuck in a DRS train and I couldn’t do anything.

he had very good traction and that was enough for him to keep me behind all the time.”

With Leclerc’s fellow title protagonist Max Verstappen going on to take his fifth win in six races

But Leclerc was also buoyed by the strong pace of team mate Carlos Sainz

Asked if he felt he could have beaten Verstappen without his engine penalty, Leclerc replied

But the feeling was good and whenever the feeling is good, that’s a good sign.

I don’t know. I think it’s been close during the whole season and it would have been close today.