Kyrie Irving is staying with the Nets after all, plus how the Avalanche went from worst to first

Brooklyn become organized to lose Irving and Kevin Durant. 

 Now, they will both be returned Happy Tuesday!

Good morning to everyone but in particular to.

THE BROOKLYN NETS Well nicely well, how the tables turn.

Just hours after the Nets had been reportedly "prepared to lose 

both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant" this offseason, Irving decided to 

to choose into his $37-million player choice and decide to Brooklyn

and Durant -- for at the least subsequent season. 

It's a surprising change of occasions, and Brooklyn has long 

gone from a lose-lose scenario to championship contender.

Irving desired out of Brooklyn due to the fact the two

 facets had been at an impasse in contract talks. 

He even gave the franchise a six-group sign-and-alternate listing.

That development reportedly left Durant pondering his own destiny.