2022 NFL head coach rankings: Andy Reid reigns supreme, Sean McVay overtakes Bill Belichick

Assessing the satisfactory of the excellent coaches entering the brand new 12 months

Nothing affects an NFL group quite just quarterback function.

If you have one of the seven or 8 undeniably elite sign-callers, you 

are in all likelihood justified in hoping for a Lombardi Trophy. 

But there may be every other position that impacts pretty 

much each different piece of an NFL roster: head instruct.

The players make the performs, yes, but sometimes

the distinction between a wild-card bid and a championship

 run is the person patrolling the sidelines.

 It's no marvel more teams are active on an annual 

basis on the begin of the offseason, jumping into the hiring cycle with 

an impatient choice to land the next wonderful innovator.

How do the NFL's current 32 head coaches stack up for the 2022 season?

We're happy you requested. Below, you'll find our full evaluation, broken up into

 four levels and ranked from No. 32 to No. 

 1 based totally on how we would "draft" them for this season.