Ranking NFL's top defensive linemen of 2022: Aaron Donald, T.J. Watt cream of the crop on impressive list

Here are the NFL's top 10 side defenders and pinnacle 10 interior 

defenders The NFL is blessed with a transitional group of protective

 linemen in modern generation Thanks to hybrid defensive fronts and lots

owning the capability to transport from the brink to indoors, 

the league has its most versatile shielding linemen in some time. 

Even with the talented crop, multiple fronts and changing of 

formations makes it harder to evaluate the fine inside the league.

Which defensive linemen are taken into consideration side rushers and

which might be indoors linemen? Defensive ends and protective 

tackles are going via the wayside, in particular with linebackers

moving to the brink and rushing the passer -- creating 

 a brand new wrinkle to the ever-converting formulation. 

Let's make this as easy as possible We've split the rankings

into the pinnacle 10 aspect defenders and pinnacle 10 indoors linemen.